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Author: Sune

Pacific Quest: Cultural Exchange

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(Offer to help carry her lamp.)

“What’s up? You’ve gone silent all of a sudden,” Ari asked.

While you were contemplating over Ari’s identity, you shook your head. It’s rude to pre-emptively judge on people you have only met. “Nothing.” Speaking of which, Nate, Iowa, and Yamato were still nowhere to be seen. You didn’t realize this before, having been guided by the taller American ship girl, but the STEC facility in Pearl Harbor was quite large in size. You must have gone a considerable distance from the admiral’s office to not be able to recognize anything in your current surrounding.

“Alright…if you say so.” she responded. Returning her attention to the floor, a gloomy expression returned on Ari’s face as she picked up the broken lamp. The officer fairy who was on the floor, managed to hitch a hike on Ari’s arm as she did that. “I guess today’s a no go as well…sorry Franky.”

The fairy waved its hand as Ari brought the broken lamp closer to herself. “Ri…riri.”
Whatever plan Ari had seems to have shattered when you managed to knock the lamp out of her hand and onto hard ground. Looking at Ari, it must have been important to her. Feeling a bit guilty for what you have done, you held out your hands. “Ari, I could hold onto that for you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to…it’s…it’s just a broken lamp after all.”

You’ve never been this assertive before, let alone to a foreigner, but it felt right. “I insist…” You were quite determined in getting that lamp away from Ari’s hand.

Seeing you being so persistent, Ari sighed. “What’s gone into me? Here.” Lightening up, she handed the lamp to you. Simply looking at the object, you couldn’t tell what could have been so important her.

“Maybe it’s related to what the other ship girl said earlier?” You wondered. Hopping down from your shoulder to your hand, the fairy who had fell down from your shoulder earlier seems to be curious as well.

Walking around your hand so she could get a better look at the object, Ari commented. “It’s really just a normal lamp…” Making a pose, the fairy tapped the lamp shouting ayo.

Eye opened, Ari excitedly bend down so that she’s at eye level with the fairy. “Wait, really? You can really do that for me?”

The little fairy pounded it’s little chest, “ayoyo, ayo!”

Confused, you asked the ship girl what the tiny fairy was saying. “Ari, what is she saying?”

“She said she could fix it! She just need to get back to Iowa, right?” The ship girl smiled at the little fairy, who began to puff its chest.

Since you were looking downwards, you could noticed the fairy who had been resting on your shoulder. Rather than the smug smile on her tiny companion’s face, she face palmed. “So these girls were from Iowa after all…” With your voice trailing, Ari came around and placed her hands on your shoulders. “!

“Well, there’s no point standing around here, right? Let’s go!”

“H-huh? To where?”

“Iowa, of course!”








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(Make small talk on the way.)

“…Do we have too right now?” With a small push from Ari, the two of you began to walk down one of many corridors within the STEC facility. Moving on a whim, you and Ari headed for the ship girls’ living quarters. Thinking back, Nate would probably still be with Iowa on the second floor of this base.

Looking at you with a surprised face, Ari asked, “why not? Sure, she might not seem like the sociable type, but of the ship girl that’s currently in this base, I’d thought for sure any of STEC’s guests would like to meet with her. I mean, compared to myself, she’s quite famous among the different agencies.”

Responding with a nervous laugh, you were trying to piece the right words together. “No, it’s not like I don’t want to meet with her…it’s just…” that you’re not really ready to face someone who you embarrassingly attempted to judo flipped to the ground, that someone being one of your escorts, no less. “I mean…I was just with Iowa a few moments ago upstairs.”

Hearing what you’ve just said, Ari stopped. “Really?”

“Guh…me and my stupid mouth…”

Ari brought a hand over to her chin. “Hm…it’s not like Iowato leave guests unattended.” Pausing as she stared at the two fairies that wereon your hand and shoulder, Ari crossed her arms. “It makes perfect sense now. That’s why you two were here. To watch over Yuuna for her, right?”

Waving one of its arms, the fairy on your shoulder answered. “Ayo, ayoyo!”

Nodding her head, Ari nonchalantly translated what the fairyhad been saying. “I see, so it’s to make sure she doesn’t do anything crazy.”

You pouted at the fairy. “It’s not like that…”

Looking up at the stairs, Ari remarked. “So upstairs…you guys must have been discussing with Admiral Williams.”

“How do you know?”

“Aren’t you our guest from Japan?” Ari asked while walking a few steps up.

“Oh, right.” Following close behind her, you wondered how many people in the base knew of your arrival.

“To be honest, everyone who’s going to take part in the exercise was surprised when your brass agreed to Admiral Williams terms.” Under the guise of a war game at Pearl, Japanese and American ship girls would conduct a mock skirmish near one of the uninhabited islands in Hawaii.

“Does that mean Ari’s participating as well?”

“Of course.” With a smug smile, Ari flexed arms, no larger than your own, in the air. “I’m really strong you know. Earned myself a battle star in the past-…h-hey, you’re not doubting me, are you?”

Ari’s actions remind you of a certain carrier ship girl back home. Returning a chuckle, you answered. “No, it’s not like that. I’m sure Ari’s very powerful.”

“That doesn’t sound convincing.” Having reached the top of the stairs, there’s still no one in sight. No humans, that is. The floor was still teeming with fairies. Every one of them seems to be working on a task. Some carried documents, some were moving around food, some were holding wrenches, it’s a very lively place compared to earlier.


[ ] A.) Ask Ari about the fairies along the way. (Justfairies? Where is everyone?)
[ ] B.) Ask Ari about herself along the way. (I would liketo know more about you.)
[ ] C.) Write in

(Will be included within the next few posts > Find outwho is here and who we need to keep an eye out for.)








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[x] B.) Ask Ari about herself along the way. (I would like to know more about you.)

You were curious about the sudden influx of fairies hurrying about, you’ve seem more interested talking with Ari about herself. You have met others in this base, the three destroyer girls outside of your quarters, Admiral Williams, and a submarine girl, but Ari was the only person you had a lengthy interaction with, outside of Nate, Iowa, and Yamato.

Walking by your side, Ari acted as a guide, showing you around corridors and explaining to you the different stations within the facility, while you held onto her lamp. You’ll probably be walking these hallways many more times into the future, so there wasn’t the need for her to explain it in length like the way she’s doing now, being considerate of your situation. You have talked with other ship girls in this base, but they seem to put a bit of distance between you and them, much like how people would back in Japan.

Iowa, though friendly as well, was neutral at best. Edsall, Mahan, and Shaw, from the way they have behaved, you could tell they’re hiding something from you. Narwhal…well, she outright ignored you. You might be a VIP to STEC at the moment, but you’re still very much a foreign agent from Japan. You wondered whether it was that that was dictating their actions towards you.

In that sense, compared to the others, Ari was both open and friendly to you and not just being polite. She doesn’t seem to have any qualms talking personal matter with you. In fact, you’ve learned that she was originally from the state of Arizona, working as a rancher.

Surprised, you asked. “You’ve owned a ranch?”

“Not exactly…I did help out here and there with the cattling, growing food for our herd, mending fences, trivial things really.”

“Trivial?” You’re trying to picture what it’s like to be at an American ranch.

“The ranch actually belong to my pa. He taught me everything I need to know,” she said, smiling brightly. “He gave this hat and bandanna during my days there. I cherish it everyday…”

A life before service. Now that is something you’ve never thought about what a ship girl’s past before. Hearing a small excerpt from Ari’s past, you’ve began to realize that ship girls are much more relatable than you have thought. “Ari?”


“You’re a really nice person.”

With a light chuckle on her face, she answered. “What’s this about? I’ve might have just met you, but you’re a friend.”

“Well, you’re the only ship girl who’s open with me.” Even back home in Japan, none of the ship girls ever opened up to you.

“Really? That’s strange…not sure who you’ve met, but everyone in the base is really friendly and nice if you get to know them. Well, except Narwhal. Or it could just be me.” You could see her muttering with a finger on her chin. “Anyways, it could just be some misunderstanding.”

“Could be…” You were a bit skeptical about it being a misunderstanding, but you went along with the explanation for now.

With every step you take, the more familiar the surrounding seems to get. It’s either you’re starting to get use to the many portraits of admirals and naval officers line up against the walls opposite of the windows or you’re starting to get back to where you ran away from. “By the way, who’s at this base anyways?”

“Honestly, not a lot of people at the moment.”

Choose 8 ships below (for future events):
[ ] Lexington (CV)
[ ] Raleigh (CL)
[ ] St. Louis (CL)
[ ] Helena (CL)
[ ] Chester (CA)
[ ] Louisville (CA)
[ ] San Francisco (CA)
[ ] Wisconsin (BB)
[ ] Maryland (BB)
[ ] Sculpin (SS)
[ ] Sailfish (SS)
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